Broccoli stem, cabbage + coconut

Serves two with a side of rice. Has a cook time of around twenty minutes.




A source of vegetable protein. Packed with Calcium, Niacin, Thiamin + key vitamins.


small dice two broccoli stems   /   fine slice half white or savoy cabbage   /   fine slice one white onion   /   chop four cloves garlic   /   tbsp black mustard seeds   /   half tsp turmeric   /   tsp cumin   /   half tsp garam masala   /   tsp chilli flakes   /   two heaped tbsp dried coconut   /   juice half lemon   /   tsp sea salt   /   two tbsp coconut oil


+ Heat oil in a large frying pan and add mustard seeds and chilli flakes, until first seeds start to pop. Then add the turmeric and cumin for a minute or two.

+ Add broccoli, cabbage, onion, garlic and salt. Cook, stirring, for five minutes.

+ Next add the lemon juice and coconut. Stirfry for another three to five minutes to leave a good crunch.

+ Serve on its own as a side, or with rice as a main meal.


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