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  • The Ridgeway

    The Ridgeway

    Expansive views and big skies have never felt as important as they did at the end of seven long months of abnormality. So we planned a spur-of-the-moment, six-day hike along England’s most ancient trail — the Ridgeway. Spanning 85 miles from Avebury in Wiltshire, crossing the chalky Berkshire Downs and then kissing the river Thames,…

  • Tokyo’s vegetarian havens

    Tokyo’s vegetarian havens

    Japan’s food culture can come as a shock to first-time visitors. Preconceptions of a nation of clean living centenarians are dashed as soon as you step from the airport train to the waffle counter. It’s something of a ‘French Paradox’, with avenues of eye-widening eateries more reminiscent of the USA than Japan. Surely it’s sushi…

  • Kidney bean curry – rajmah chawal

    Kidney bean curry – rajmah chawal

    Serves four. Has a cook time of around twenty minutes. Vegan Gluten-free   A potent source of fibre + zinc. Rich and filling.   two cans of kidney beans (unsalted)   /   fine chop one white onion   /   mince two tsp garlic   /   mince half tbsp ginger  /   fine chop two green chillies (deseeded, if preferred)   /   chop…

  • In brief — Foods for skin defense

    In brief — Foods for skin defense

    Our skin is a barometer of our wellbeing. It’s the first line of defence against the negative effects of weather, pollution, chemical stressors, anxiety and diet. So it follows that when we eat well, we may be able to boost its resilience. Here are a few powerhouse foods with protective properties that might just able…

  • Bolognese


    Serves four. Ready in around an hour. Rich + warming. Packed with Protein, Thiamine and Vitamin B6.   grate two large carrots (skin on)   /   fine chop two large celery sticks   /  fine dice one aubergine   /  fine chop one white onion   /   mince two tsp garlic   /   crumble one block of natural fermented tofu …

  • Baked pumpkin rice

    Baked pumpkin rice

    Serves four. Ready in around forty minutes. Hearty comfort food. Packed with Vitamins A, C + E, Folate + Iron.   peel + cube half a small pumpkin   /   one mug of cherry tomatoes   /   de-stalk + chop half a pack of kale   /   slice one white onion   /   mince one tbsp of garlic   / …

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