Serves four. Ready in around an hour.

Rich + warming. Packed with Protein, Thiamine and Vitamin B6.


grate two large carrots (skin on)   /   fine chop two large celery sticks   /  fine dice one aubergine   /  fine chop one white onion   /   mince two tsp garlic   /   crumble one block of natural fermented tofu   /   one cup dark green lentils   /   750ml organic passata   /   one tbsp tomato puree   /   sea salt to taste   /   tsp cracked pepper   /   two to three tbsp balsamic vinegar   /   two tbsp extra virgin olive oil   /   two tsp marmite


+ Rinse the lentils then soak in a pan under two or three cm of cold water.

+ Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large oven-proof pan/casserole dish — add the onions and fry until translucent.

+ Add garlic and cook for a few minutes before adding the celery and grated carrot. Fry on a gentle heat for twenty minutes, to soften. 

+ Bring the pan of lentils to a gentle simmer for twenty minutes.

+ In the meantime, add the aubergine and crumbled tofu to the vegetables and break with a spoon to get a ‘mince’ consistency. Fry for five minutes, then add the balsamic and cook for another five, increasing the heat.

+ Add the passata, puree and marmite to the pan. Season well with salt and pepper — stir to combine.

+ Simmer for fifteen minutes or so, check for seasoning then serve — either with spaghetti noodles or courgette/celeriac ribbons.


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