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  • Bolognese


    Serves four. Ready in around an hour. Rich + warming. Packed with Protein, Thiamine and Vitamin B6.   grate two large carrots (skin on)   /   fine chop two large celery sticks   /  fine dice one aubergine   /  fine chop one white onion   /   mince two tsp garlic   /   crumble one block of natural fermented tofu …

  • Papaya salad

    Papaya salad

    Serves two. Has a preparation time of around twenty minutes.   Tart + fiery salad. Powerful antioxidant.   peel, deseed + shave one green papaya   /   shave two carrots (skin on)   /   slice ten cherry tomatoes   /   fine slice five spring onions   /   chop quarter bunch of coriander   /   fine slice two small red chillies (deseeded if…

  • Gluten-free Kuala Lumpur

    Gluten-free Kuala Lumpur

    Malaysia is a nation of contradictions. Vibrant character effervesces from its Chinese, Malay and indigenous Bumiputra communities — never more apparent than in its cuisine. Whilst KL may be more famous for its bustling street food scene — described by The Independent as “more a way of life” — for those whose constitution isn’t equipped to…