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  • Papaya salad

    Papaya salad

    Serves two. Has a preparation time of around twenty minutes.   Tart + fiery salad. Powerful antioxidant.   peel, deseed + shave one green papaya   /   shave two carrots (skin on)   /   slice ten cherry tomatoes   /   fine slice five spring onions   /   chop quarter bunch of coriander   /   fine slice two small red chillies (deseeded if…

  • Brown rice veg bowl w/ kimchi

    Brown rice veg bowl w/ kimchi

    Serves two. Has a preparation time of around thirty minutes. Vegan Gluten-free Zesty asian flavours. Vitamins A + C, Calcium + Iron.   julienne or shave one carrot   /   slice one ripe avocado   /   floret half a broccoli head   /   half mug of organic kimchi or pickled turnip   /   tear half mug of dried nori seaweed   / …

  • Foods to fight inflammation

    Foods to fight inflammation

    Naturopathy questions the effectiveness and long-term repercussions of prescriptive medicines, in fighting our ailments. It’s not to say that there’s no place for conventional medicine in treating cancer or heart failure. But, for minor to moderate inflammatory diseases — such as IBD, rheumatism and arthritis — there’s evidence to suggest that natural remedies could have…

  • Chickpea, tomato + pineapple salad

    Chickpea, tomato + pineapple salad

    Serves two, or four as a small side dish. Has a preparation time of around ten minutes.  Vegan Gluten-free   Vibrant, sweet + full of sunshine vitamins.   drain + rinse one can of organic (unsalted) chickpeas   /   finely dice two large tomatoes   /   peel + finely dice a quarter pineapple   /   fine slice a few…

  • Raw pad thai

    Raw pad thai

    Serves two. Has a preparation time of around twenty minutes. Vegan Gluten-free Flavourful crunch. Vitamins A, C, K + B6, Folate + Protein.   spiralise or shave one large courgette   /  repeat with one large carrot   /   fine slice quarter of a small red cabbage   /   two large handfuls of beansprouts   /   fine slice one red…

  • Miso soup

    Miso soup

    Serves four. Has a cook time of ten to fifteen minutes. Vegan Gluten-free   Comforting + loaded with Vitamin K, Copper + Manganese.   one to two tbsp organic brown rice miso paste (to taste)   /   a handful of dried porcini   /  floret a quarter head of broccoli   /   half a mug of dried seaweed   / …

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