Raw pad thai

Serves two. Has a preparation time of around twenty minutes.



Flavourful crunch. Vitamins A, C, K + B6, Folate + Protein.


spiralise or shave one large courgette   /  repeat with one large carrot   /   fine slice quarter of a small red cabbage   /   two large handfuls of beansprouts   /   fine slice one red pepper   /   fine slice one yellow pepper   /   fine chop one red chilli (deseed, if preferred)   /   rough chop a handful of fresh coriander   /   small handful of Thai basil leaves   /   juice of two limes   /   good handful of raw peanuts   /   two cloves garlic   /   thumb-sized piece of ginger   /   one tbsp tahini paste   /   two tbsp tamari soy sauce   /   one to two tsp coconut syrup or sweetener of choice  


+ In a blender, combine garlic, ginger, tahini paste, tamari, lime juice and coconut syrup — with a little water, if needed.

+ In a small dry pan, toast the peanuts until beginning to charr — you can leave the skin on, or use skinned peanuts if you prefer. Toasting removes the bitter flavour.

+ Combine fresh ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

+ Stir in the sauce, mix well and serve — topping with chopped toasted peanuts and more herbs, if desired.





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