‘Snail’ soup

Serves four. Has a cook time of around thirty minutes.



Packed with vitamins. Hearty, spicy + sour


cube a block natural/fermented tofu   /   slice one cup shiitake mushrooms   /   fine slice half a bunch of spring onions   /   chop four tomatoes   /   slice half a lettuce   /   fine slice five cloves of garlic   /   rough chop a few sprigs of mint leaves/   rough chop a small bunch of coriander   /   three large handfuls of bean sprouts   /   bruise two stalks of lemongrass   /   two portions of vermicelli rice noodles   /   one cup of dried mushrooms   /   tbsp tomato puree   /   tsp chilli flakes   /   two tbsp tamari soy sauce   /   half tbsp of tamarind paste   /   juice one/two limes   /   700ml organic veg stock   /   tbsp coconut oil   /   pinch of pepper


+ Before slicing, press tofu block between two pieces of kitchen towel, to remove most of the moisture.

+ Soak dried mushrooms in boiling water for thirty minutes.

+ Heat oil in a heavy casserole pot or similar — add tofu and fry until crisp on both sides.

+ While the tofu browns, slice all raw ingredients and boil a kettle for stock.

+ Remove tofu and set aside on kitchen towel to drain. Reserve pan oil.

+ To the oil, add garlic and shiitake mushrooms and fry for a few minutes.

+ Add boiling water to the pan and one or two organic stock cubes.

+ Tamarind, chilli, tamari and lemongrass go into the pan to simmer for ten minutes.

+ Next, all raw ingredients and soaked mushrooms are added.

+ Squeeze in lime, a pinch of pepper, simmer for five minutes and check seasoning. Then add noodles according to packet instructions.

+ Serve in big bowls with more fresh herbs.



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