Chia bowl

Serves two. Should be soaked for no less than fifteen minutes.



Refined sugar-free

Indulgent wake-up bowl. An excellent source of Manganese and Phosphorus.


four dessert spoons chia seeds   /   two dessert spoons flax seeds   /   two dessert spoons dried coconut   /   one dessert spoon sunflower seeds   /   chop ten walnut halves   /   chop twelve pitted dates   /   two mugs unsweetened almond milk   /   slice one banana    /   halve one mug black seedless grapes


+ Add chia, flax, coconut and chopped dates to the almond milk. Stir well.

+ Once soaked, slice the fresh fruit, separate chia mix into two bowls and dress them to your taste.

+ Top with sunflower seeds and chopped walnuts.

+ Experiment with toppings. Pomegranate works beautifully. Cacao nibs or natural granola are a decadent addition.


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