Okra curry – bhindi masala

Serves four. Has a cook time of around thirty to forty minutes.




Full of fibre + essential vitamins. Low in saturated fat and absolutely delicious.


chop four mugs okra   /   fine chop one white onion   /   mince two tsp garlic   /   mince two tsp ginger   /   fine chop small handful of coriander   /   chop two large tomatoes   /   tsp tomato purée   /   tsp coriander powder   /   half tsp turmeric   /   half tsp garam masala   /   half tsp fenugreek leaves (or powder)   /   tsp sea salt   /   tbsp coconut oil


+ Heat oil in large frying pan.

+ Rinse okra well, then pat dry to remove moisture.

+ Add onions to the hot oil and fry until dark golden.

+ Add garlic and ginger, fry for two minutes.

+ Add dry spices, stirring for one minute, then tomato purée. Combine on a low heat for one more minute.

+ Increase heat to medium, add okra and fry for five or so minutes.

+ Now add the chopped tomatoes and simmer for two more minutes.

+ Add half a mug of water to the pan, bring to a boil, then down to simmer. Cook for ten minutes, stirring regularly. It should be a dry sauce, taking care not to burn. Add a little more water if needed.

+ Serve with chopped coriander.








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