Sticky cereal w/ hemp + flax

Serves four. Ready in around forty-five minutes.



Refined sugar-free

Energy-boosting breakfast, full of protein + omega 3 + 6.


one mug of rice flakes   /   ten pitted dates   /   two tbsp golden flax seeds   /   two tbsp hemp seeds   /   half a mug of dried coconut   /   a good squeeze of lemon   /   half tsp cardamom powder   /   two tbsp coconut oil   /   half mug of almond milk


+ Soak dates in warm water for thirty minutes, then drain.

+ Add dates, lemon juice, almond milk and cardamom powder to a blender and blitz smooth. Add a little water, if too claggy.

+ Gently heat oil in a heavy frying pan.

+ Add rice flakes and gently fry to coat on med/low heat.

+ Now add flax and hemp seeds, then the date syrup mixture.

+ Stir in the dried coconut and mix well to combine all ingredients

+ Serve warm with a splash more almond milk or natural yoghurt.


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