Serves four. Has a cook time of thirty to forty minutes.




Vietnam’s most nourishing soup, minus the meat.


quarter one large white onion   /   rough slice pack bok choi   /   shave a carrot into strips   /   fine slice a small bunch spring onions   /   fine slice five cloves of garlic   /   half a pack of beansprouts   /   peel + quarter a thumb-sized piece of ginger   /   fine chop one red chilli   /   chop a bunch of coriander   /   chop half a bunch of Thai basil   /   chop small handful of mint leaves   /   juice two limes   /   two star anise   /   one or two cinnamon sticks   /   two cloves   /   two tsp coriander seeds   /   two portions of thick rice noodles   /   one tbsp tamari soy sauce   /   one tsp date syrup   /   two organic vegetable stock cubes   /   one tbsp of coconut oil   /   sea salt to taste


+ Switch the grill to high and place the white onion and ginger on a baking tray, close to the top of the oven. Remove once they start to char.

+ Prepare a litre of stock. Add tamari, date syrup and juice of one lime. Stir.

+ Heat coconut oil in a large cooking pot.

+ Gently fry all dry spices on a low heat for a few minutes, then add the charred onions and garlic. Fry for a couple more minutes.

+ Add the stock to the pan and stir well to combine. Simmer for twenty-five minutes, covered.

+ Heat a saucepan of water for the noodles.

+ Stir the broth, then strain the liquid through a sieve into another container.

+ Cook noodles according to pack instructions, drain and set aside.

+ Add the strained liquid back to the pan, along with the pak choi, carrots and beansprouts. Cook for a few minutes but keep the vegetables crunchy.

+ Taste for seasoning, add noodles to your serving bowls, then pour over the vegetable broth and serve.

+ Sriracha, a dash more tamari or condiment of your choice on the table and a plate of the fresh herbs to add according to taste.






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