Lentil soup – dal

Serves four to six. Has a cook time of around thirty minutes.



The most flavourful Indian soup. Protein-rich and nutritious.


one mug mung dal lentils or mixed (best soaked ahead, for thirty minutes)   /   chop four large tomatoes   /   fine chop one red onion   /   mince one tbsp ginger   /   chop two tbsp garlic   /   tsp chilli flakes   /   one tbsp cumin seeds   /   quarter tsp turmeric   /   half tsp garam masala   /   tbsp dried fenugreek   /   chop half bunch fresh coriander   /   juice one lemon   /   ten curry leaves   /   tsp sea salt (more to taste) /   tbsp coconut oil


+ Heat oil in a large, heavy, saucepan.

+ Add the onion and fry until golden.

+ Next add the garlic, cumin seeds and ginger. Fry for three or four minutes on a medium/low heat.

+ Add the remaining spices and salt. Fry for a minute or two, stirring continuously, then add the tomatoes.

+ Throw in the soaked lentils. Add 2:1 water to lentils and top up if you need to, aiming for a loose porridge consistency.

+ Bring to the boil then simmer for around twenty minutes.

+ Add lemon juice and coriander, stir then serve.






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