Fried greens w/ garlic + chilli

Serves two as a side. Has a cook time of five to ten minutes.




Slick + garlicky. A delicious source of vegan calcium + essential nutrients.


one pack of morning glory, spinach, or greens of choice   /   chop three tbsp garlic   /   fine chop two shallots   /   one tsp chilli flakes   /   two tbsp coconut oil   /   one tbsp tamari soy sauce   /   tsp rice wine vinegar


+ Heat oil in frying pan/wok, with the chilli flakes.

+ Throw in shallots and brown.

+ Next, add the garlic. Fry for a couple of minutes.

+ Add the greens and fry for five minutes, seasoning with the tamari and rice wine vinegar.

+ Serve with rice as a main meal, or as a side.






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